Vibrating Screen Supplier Himachal Pradesh

Vibrating Screen Supplier Himachal Pradesh

R-techno is one of the leading vibrating screen manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh. We offer a wide range of superior quality vibrating screens, the company is known for its outstanding performance and reliability. One of the most trusted brands in mining and mineral processing equipment. We provide top-class qualitative products at an affordable price. We are always ready to serve our clients, 24/7 customer services are available for both national and international customers.

We design minimum weld plates which increase durability and readability. We provide our products in different sizes and dimensions as per the customer’s need. In the field of Vibrating Screen manufacturers in Himachal Pradesh R-techno is a top-notch company.

Our company offers a variety of Vibrating Screens in Himachal Pradesh and has become the most trusted brand in this field. Vibrating machines are used to separate feeds containing hard and crushed ores and are applicable for both completely wetted and dry fields. It works in a circular motion. The output of the vibrating screen depends on the feeding system, screen inclination, screen RPM, and vibration ratio.

We can design all ranges of vibrating screens according to the capacity and requirement. They are appropriate for the coarsest separation to the finest ones. Adjustable slope angle increases the screening efficiency for all types of applications such as primary, secondary and tertiary.

R-techno vibrating screens can work under wet processes, including washing or rinsing.

Side walls and weld-free cross members of the R-techno vibrating screen reduce the risk of fatigue stress and enhance the product lifetime.

R-techno vibrating screens are ideal for both tensioned screening panels or modular snap-on panels. Optional modular panels are an essential element in achieving the best screening performance mainly in abrasive applications, and decreasing the operational costs.

Salient Features:

High screening capability with great performance.

Weld free side plates, universal joints, and housing assembly for long life vibration

Excellent vibration with less noise.

Fast and easy replacement of the spare parts, which minimizes shutdown time.

Circle-throw is frequently adjusted by adding or removing counterweights.

It has a wire mesh/perforated screen.

Fastened or Riveted frame and side plate.

It has a heavy Duty/Rubber bellow system.

A superior quality product with unique features.

It has available in a perforated sheet.

Adjustable settings to optimize efficiency.

RTI-63VS 1800 X 900 3 05-02
RTI-83VS 2400 x 900 3 08-04
RTI-103VS 3000 x 900 3 10-05
RTI-104VS 3000 X 1200 5 15 - 25
RTI-124VS 3600 X 1200 7.5 30 - 40
RTI-154VS 4500 X 1200 7.5 – 12.5 40 - 50
RTI-165VS 4800 X 1500 12.5 - 15 55 - 65
RTI-185VS 5400 X 1500 20 70 - 90
RTI-186VS 5400 X 1800 20 - 25 80 - 110
RTI-205VS 6000 X 1500 25 - 30 80 - 110
RTI-206VS 6000 X 1800 30 120 - 150
RTI-186HFVS 5400 X 1800 30 150 - 200
RTI-206HFVS 6000 X 1800 40 200 -250

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