Reciprocal Feeder manufacturer Maharashtra

Reciprocal Feeder manufacturer Maharashtra

R-techno is one of the greatest manufactures of reciprocal feeders in Maharashtra. Reciprocal feeders at R-techno are manufactured according to international standards using the best quality raw materials. At R-techno we designed reciprocal feeders to provide high productivity with low maintenance and low power consumption.

The feeder is designed to effectively feed the primary, secondary, and tertiary crusher.

The stroke of the R-techno reciprocal feeder is fully adjustable. Like all the reliable products of R-techno liners are supplied at all the crucial areas for Extended uptime!. R-Techno reciprocal feeders have proved their potential in many infrastructural-related projects and are the foremost preferred choice.

The feeder body has been designed to absorb extreme shock loads. There are many advantages of Reciprocal Feeders as it has high productivity. Low maintenance, Less Power Consumption, Wear plates in the least critical areas, Fully adjustable stroke, Robust Construction. It is one of the leading reciprocal feeder manufacturers in Maharashtra, India.

Salient Features:

High productivity.

Low maintenance.

Low power consumption.

Fully adjustable stroke.

Wear plates at all critical areas.

Robust construction.

R-Techno – Engineering Concepts to Reality.