Rotary Screen (Trommel)

Rotary Screen (Trommel)

R-TECHNO is leading manufacturer and supplier or Rotary Screen(Trommel). Our Rotary Screens are suitable for wet material, especially for river sand. Screen has a rotary drum-like structure mounted on heavy-duty pillow bearings and drive-through reduction gear. River sand often comes with moisture hence pores get clogged in a normal vibrating screen, to prevent these problems, a rotary screen is designed to have brushes over the screen which rotates with the screen. This screen is also used in the segregation of minerals and fine powders.

The rotary screen, also known as a trommel, is a versatile and efficient screening solution widely used in various industries. In India, the demand for high-quality rotary screens has been steadily growing, driven by the need to achieve superior screening results efficiently and economically.

Advanced Features and Benefits

R-TECHNO rotary screens(Trommel) are designed with advanced features that deliver exceptional performance and numerous benefits:

Robust Construction

Rotary screens are crafted to resist heavy-duty operations. Constructed with high-quality materials and precision engineering, these screens offer exceptional durability, making them ideal for industrial applications that require continuous and reliable screening.

Versatility in Screening

R-TECHNO rotary screens are highly versatile and adaptable to different screening requirements. Whether it's sifting through solid waste, grading minerals, or separating agricultural produce, these screens provide accurate and efficient screening, enabling businesses to achieve the desired end-products with precision.

Efficient Material Separation

Known for their exceptional screening efficiency, R-TECHNO rotary screens effectively separate materials based on size. With customizable screen openings and drum configurations, the screens ensure that only the desired particle sizes pass through, improving overall process efficiency and reducing wastage.

Low Maintenance

Rotary screens machines are designed with simplicity in mind, allowing for easy operation and low maintenance requirements. The screens are equipped with features such as self-cleaning mechanisms and quick-change screens, which minimize downtime and enhance productivity.

Customization Options

R-TECHNO understands that each industry has unique requirements. Therefore, they offer customization options to tailor their rotary screens according to specific needs. From screen size and drum design to material options, R-TECHNO ensures that their rotary screens perfectly match the customer's specifications.

Strong Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

R-TECHNO holds quality as a core value and strives to deliver excellence in every rotary screen they offer. They adhere to strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, starting from the selection of premium-grade raw materials to the final inspection. This ensures that R-TECHNO rotary screens meet stringent quality standards and deliver outstanding performance.

Salient Features:

- Excellent accuracy for separation
- Sharper sizing end products with higher capacity and lower costs
- Convenient & less maintenance and safe operation

RTI-103RS 3000 x 900 5 15 - 20
RTI-123RS 3600 x 750 3 2 - 20 (Ramming mass)
RTI-123RS 3600 x 750 5 20 - 30
RTI-164RS 4800 x 1200 7.5 - 10 30 - 50
RTI-185RS 5400 x 1500 10 - 12.5 60 - 80
RTI-205RS 6000 x 1500 15 - 20 90 - 120

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