Grizzly Feeder Manufacturer India

Grizzly Feeder Manufacturer India

R-techno is one of the top-notch manufacturers of the Grizzly feeder in India. Our feeders are excellent in all aspects, either in performance or safety measures. R-techno is the most trusted and tested brand in this field with a great experience. We are not only manufacturing world-class Grizzly feeders but also recognized as top suppliers in India. We as a manufacturing company always focused on the quality of the product, performance, and safety.

The grizzly feeders manufactured at R-techno give maximum performance, either rough size or alluvial processing material with minor grain sizes and a high percentage of impurity’s pollution, like mud, dust, some other fine particles, etc. All the suitable machines for this work guarantee higher solidity.

We at R-techno offer two types of feeders:

a. Vibrating, Grizzly & Pan Feeder, and

b. Reciprocal feeder.

Grizzly feeder is perfect to feed crusher, selecting the large sizes, which need primary crushing, the smaller sizes, and any fine particles which must be eventually rejected.

The main job of the grizzly feeder is to switch the large massive size substances and granular substances from hopper to receiving length uniformly, periodically, and continuously in the production flow and to feed substances into the crusher continuously also to screen the materials in the sandstone production.

The Grizzly feeder includes a completely massive vibrating body fabricated from a thick plate, with an inside lining of an anti-abrasive plate. The Grizzly feeder is driven by two vibrating motors or eccentric shafts. R-techno offers a wide range of grizzly feeder designs with customizable configurations to fulfill their customer’s needs. Our expert team helps you to find the correct configuration for your application to increase capability and decrease the operational cost.

Salient Features:

The unique layout of grizzly bars removes material clogging and to a higher sizing effect.

Co2 welded frame for better wear-resistant.

Adjustable bolted grizzly bars to satisfy the particular length requirement.

Specific bar to prevent the block of raw material.

Compact and low height construction.

Single steeples feed rate adjustment.

Fast and easy installation.

Considerably fewer operations cost.

Significantly low power consumption.

Grizzly bar design removes pegging problem and upgrades the separation efficiency Optional VFD speed adjustment system.

R-techno grizzly feeder uses a strong linear vibrating motion to successfully move material forward.

For better scalping efficiency feeders have a long stroke capability.

R-techno grizzly feeders are mostly used in mines, gravel pits, quarries, and by crushing and screening contractors with gravels, slag, rocks, or recycled commercial and different materials.

RTI-63VF 1800 x 900 5 30-Oct
RTI-83VF 2400 x 1000 7.5 - 10 30 - 50
RTI-84VF 2400 x 1200 10 - 12.5 40 - 70
RTI-104VF 3000 x 1200 15 80 - 120
RTI-124VF 3600 x 1200 20 120 - 180
RTI-144VF 4200 x 1200 25 180 – 250

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